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Fresno Clinical Research Center


FCRC is a privately owned clinical research site that offers leading-edge phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials particularly related to liver and other digestive diseases. The principal investigator has 18 years’ experience in conducting national and international clinical trials. Over years these clinical trials have benefited hundreds of deserving local valley patients by providing them with state-of-the-art novel treatment options that were otherwise non-existent in the entire Central California Valley.

  • Central location in Fresno adjacent to the clinical practice site

  • The state of California, Department of Public Health certified laboratory

  • Availability of electronic patient medical records (EPIC)

  • In-house capabilities for processing and shipping study samples

  • Ability to use Central IRBs designated by the study sponsor

  • On-site FibroScan®-a non-invasive bedside tool to assess liver fibrosis

  • Liver Breath Test System

  • Wireless temperature monitoring system with alarms and alert notification for ambient, cold and frozen storage for biological samples and drug supply

  • Controlled access document storage space and locked cabinets

  • Programmable -80° to -20°C freezers

  • Centrifuge for on-site processing the blood samples

  • EKG machine

  • Clinical equipment routinely inspected and dedicated to the conduct of clinical trials

  • Collaboration with the state of the art California Imaging Institute, capable of doing liver biopsies, portal pressure measurements, and all sophisticated liver and biliary imaging studies


At FCRC, there is an On-site FibroScan which is a a non-invasive bedside tool to assess liver fibrosis. A fibroscan is fast and pain-free, gives valuable information about your liver, and is safer than a liver biopsy. To learn more about the Fibroscan or how you can have this test done, please contact FCRC at (559) 712-6199.


For more information about Clinical Trials please visit FCRC's official website by clicking the link below. You will also find valuable information on FCRC's Facebook page.





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